Gryphonwood – The origin of the name

Where did Gryphonwood come from? Pronounced ‘[Grif-uhn]-wood’, our name and logo are obviously inspired by the mythical beast, the Gryphon. However, that’s not the whole story…
The original property name was Hollywood, after nearby Hollybank Forest. As you might imagine, Hollywood wasn’t the exact feel we had in mind for a vineyard . A new name was needed.
When we arrived, the old farm house had certainly seen better days. Ben quickly set to it with hammer and crowbar. As he ripped apart the kitchen, he came across a block of timber that had a hand written note on it:
“The Lt Griffin has gone – been round the bottom, have gone up bush.”
On the back of the same block:
“The Lt Griffin has calved where we cut the last wattle wood, got home at 20 past 6.”
It was signed ‘Dad’.
The story stuck with us. So, in homage to a tiny piece of the past, and to honour the original name, Gryphonwood was born!

Where are we

What makes a great haunt for a Gryphon? Hills, heavy cover, a clear flowing river, cliffs to roost over, not too many neighbours on your doorstep. But where to find all this with good land to put a vineyard on, and a large enough city nearby to occasionally sweep in and grab a snack or two?
One little patch of dirt measured up – the tiny area called Underwood, an easy 10 minutes (as the Gryphon flies; it’s a little longer by car) North of Launceston, Tasmania.
Underwood is a stunning area – clean, clear air, undulating surrounds and a mix of farmland and native bush. We are extremely lucky to have a pristine river gorge and frontage to the beautiful Pipers River.

The Family

Gryphonwood was bought by the Radbone family late in 2002. Ben and Melanie moved from Victoria with their son Jack to live and work on the land. Once settled into Underwood, the family expanded to include Harry, Grace and Ava. Together with their ever-changing collection of animals, the Radbone’s have a place to finally call home.

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