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It has finally landed!!!

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All the pain…all the agony…the stress! OK OK, enough drama – on to the exciting news!

Gryphonwood’s non-vintage Sparkling Chardonnay/Pinot Noir is now available for sale!

Gryphonwood N.V. Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Gryphonwood N.V. Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir

This is a special wine – our flagship.
The key parcel began as an early pick 2013 Chardonnay/Pinot Noir blend, which was barrel aged for three years for some really distinct character.
This was then blended into a 2016 Chardonnay sparkling base and left on lees for over a year.
Final top ups consisted of a blend – our 2013 Chardonnay and the last volume of our 2011 Museum Chardonnay.

Tasting notes:
Up front this sparkling is green apple fresh and a touch of strawberry, with a lovely citrus zing. Following the fruit you will pick up a lovely toasted nutty, savoury character from time on lees. It isn’t bone dry, but still falls in the Brut category for dryness.
With cellaring, this sparkling will develop creamy smoothness and more complex flavours. We look forward to seeing it in a year or two’s time. Stored well, this sparkling will continue developing for the next 10+ years!

Look for it in our online store, in upcoming Spirit of Tasmania tastings, and news on upcoming avenues in Launceston!


Woolmers Estate Convicts to Classics!

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Woolmers’ big day out has come around again! The Convicts to Classics Car & Bike Show is on this weekend!

This Sunday, September 17th, we will be there from 10am to share our wines and have a great day out on a beautiful old Tasmanian estate.

Come and say hi, try a wine, and have a look about the place! As a special treat, we will have one of our museum wines available – our 2009 Pinot Noir. Come and grab a bottle to tuck away!

Check our Facebook page for more details.

See you there!

Merry Christmas!

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This will be a year that stands out in the history books – for good and bad! Such an incredible year of events around the globe… here’s hoping that events close to home for you were good ones, and something to grow on.

From every one here at Gryphonwood, we hope you have a fantastic Festive Season as the massive 2016 year draws to a close! We are taking a small festive-season break, and will be back at Harvest Market in the new year – from January 13th (wines can be accessed on our website, or from our stockists – Crown Cellars in Launceston, or Trio Wines in Hobart).

With love from the Gryphonwood Family to yours, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Our new Winemaker saves the day!

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It has been a nightmare run for us extricating ourselves from Guy Wagner and Bass Fine Wines, but it is done!

We thought our last wine, our sparkling, was going to be a complete loss, but we finally got it…unbottled and in a tub, but in hand.

Sadly, it was a mess – a real mess! Even after cleaning it up, our new winemakers, Cynthea & Dave Semmens at Beautiful Isle were worried. When you start talking options like wine vinegar, distillation or alcohol extraction, you know your baby is in trouble.

But Cynthea has saved the day!! Not only have we salvaged the wine, we will still be getting a sparkling! Whilst it means another solid wait for a finished product, this is a miraculous outcome given the state our wine had been left in!

Can’t begin to tell you how relieved we are!!!

Thanks folks!

Gryphonwood Wine review – 2009 One Bunch Pinot Noir

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Well, I had a friend of mine come by the other day to share a wine, and he brought with him one of our own 2009 Pinots! I told him to save it, and we tried something else; but I thought it was high time I revisited the 2009, the first wine we produced – just to see how it was holding up.

After opening the bottle I thought I may as well carry on through our line up, for my own benefit, but also for those of you out there that are still holding on to an older vintage or two.  So stay tuned for an update on each of our previous vintages, red and white.

Let’s start with the original: Gryphonwood 2009 One Bunch Pinot

Colour: On opening the 2009, I was pretty happy – while the edges are certainly picking up those brackish tones, the colour still has plenty of cherry depth to it for a 7 year old!

Nose: The classic young fruit characters have definitely moved on! While pepper remains, blackberry and cherry have given way to more mature characters – smoky bacon and earthiness.

Palate: I was surprised to find it still juicy! It had plenty of weight for its age, and flavours are still developing – the wine has become gamey with a bit of tobacco leaf. Its tannins are smoothing off, but still present, along with a surprising bit of acidity – it is still a good food wine!

After 10 minutes of air, the nose softened, its edges smoothed off, as did the finish. The following day, it was even more enjoyable.

Summary: It isn’t finished yet! It is still developing, and has another year or two to go. If you are holding on to it for the age benefit, keep holding! Otherwise, decant it and go for washed rind Brie or Gruyere cheese for an option, or really capitalise on it with dinner! Duck is the go, but I wouldn’t be upset if it was rare eye fillet medallions with this wine instead!

Wine available: less than 5 cases!

Next up: 2010 One Bunch Pinot

New world economics

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It is a sad reality of the modern world – globalisation always has winners and losers. The win-win ideals promoted by the brokers of our trade agreements rarely stand up to a stiff breeze. Australian industries, businesses and ultimately workers end up being punching bags for hard hitting trade partners and foreign investors. And often at the heart of this we are our own worst enemy!

Compound our ‘strength’ in the global ring with the modern expectations on living, and you have a perfect storm ready to crush its way through our business landscape. Big businesses will be the few left standing, much to many consumers’ spiritual chagrin (but economic relief?).

Take the wine industry – growing exports on the back of the Aussie dollar, but suffocating anyway.

We sell premium Tassie wine. Consumers want the paddock-to-plate story, and we love to provide that. They want environmentally sensitive wine, at every stage of its life. Eco friendly (actually Organic would be better) vineyards. Green bottles and low environmental footprint production/transport. We love the same things!

The one thing the industry cannot do is provide all of this at the price tag that people are prepare to pay for such products. As mentioned in the above article by The Conversation, producers are losing out in a big way, and so ideals must give way to realities. The Wine industry does not set its pricing, rather it is forced to accept what it is offered. Only the largest players will be able to produce a wine that meets expectations, yet falls within reach of expected pricing. Even they are fragile.

All the small end of town, the boutique producers that create the labels, variety and differentiation that everyone loves…will eventually disappear. They are the punching bags of our industry, and are slowly bleeding out. So many I work with are seeking an exit from wine, or at the brink of ruin. Some of those businesses will take others with them when they fall.

There is a disconnect happening – between expectation and reality; much like the bottles of milk in a supermarket that kids think are ‘made that way’, not from a cow. As so often happens in Australia, we will miss things when they are gone…but I supposed we have grown used to that by now, haven’t we?


Christmas is here!

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That time of year has arrived again!

The last market before Chrissy is the 19th, and to celebrate, Harvest will have extended hours! 8.30am-2.30pm, with wines available by the glass!!


Need a gift idea? How about mixed wine packs, or our special Gryphonwood token? If aren’t sure exactly which wine will be the perfect gift, then this token is!!


Come and see us on Saturday the 5th, or the 19th!

The Gris is back!!

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With much excitement, we are releasing another batch of our 2013 Pinot Gris!

Just in time for Spring, Summer and Christmas, the ’13 Gris is still youthful and fresh! It is crisp and vibrant, which makes it an incredibly versatile white to have with food, while still a solid stand-alone style.

Have a look at it here

Nothing beats a cool Pinot Gris for lunch or a Summer afternoon/evening get-together!

2013 Gryphonwood Pinot Gris

2013 Gryphonwood Pinot Gris

Spirit Trips are back!!

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It is fantastic to be back on the Spirit of Tasmania boats for this year’s Flavours Of Tassie tastings…and doesn’t the place look shiny & new!


New tastings station on the Spirit

September trip:
Devonprt to Melbourne
Monday 14th, 9pm boat

Melb – Dev, Friday 18th, 7.30pm boat.

See you aboard!