The Vineyard

Bordered by the stunning Pipers River, Gryphonwood’s 73 acres comprises roughly half workable land, half bushland and river gorge. The river blocks are at 260m above sea-level, while the topmost vines are at 310m, making Gryphonwood one of Tasmania’s higher vineyards.

Our height above sea-level will impact on our wine styles – the cool nature of the area lends itself to sparkling production, as seen to great effect by nearby producers such as Jansz, House of Arras, Kreglinger and Clover Hill. However, fantastic table wines come out of the area as well, and in warm seasons we will certainly look to capitalise on good table wine fruit.

Each growing season in Tasmania is unique, and the seasons will dictate to us the style of fruit we can produce.

We currently have Pinot Noir planted, but have space for more…and ohhh the options!

Tassie Wines

If you haven’t tried Tasmanian wine, you need to!
Stunning clean, crisp styles with incredible flavours. Wines that are perfect with food and yet can outlive most warmer climate styles.

We love our quintessential Tassie Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, however we have had some outstanding responses to our trials in a few other varieties, as we look to future plantings:

Riesling: A classic grape that is enjoying a resurgence on the Australian wine scene! Dry, fresh acid, beautiful floral and fruit character that amount to a stunning wine for summer, seafood and fun. It is a superb companion to any spicy dish, to cut through that heat. Not everyone realises that a good Riesling will outlive most reds! It can cellar for decades…as long as you are a fan of the rich character it develops.

Pinot Gris: When we trialed a batch of oaked Pinot Gris, it was a smash hit! This wine was silky, almost oily, with beautiful flavours and only a hint of oak – it went with everything; it was loved by everyone. I have not had a more ‘more-ish’ wine. We look forward to seeing this one again in a future vintage.